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July 17, 2018

Turkey races to finish new Istanbul airport

The as yet unnamed airport is due to open on October 29. Airport officials say it will be the largest in the world and eventually have six runways and capacity for 200m passengers
July 15, 2018

Rwanda’s Capital is Attracting Tourists

Rwanda’s capital is rapidly building a reputation as a tourist hot spot. With low crime, spotlessly clean streets and a friendly attitude, Kigali is pulling in travelers who used to only pass through on safari.
July 11, 2018

This Smart Gun Could Save Lives

Guns kill more than 30,000 Americans every year, far more than in any other developed country. While lawmakers and activists battle it out over legislative solutions, some are trying a different approach: integrating smart technology into guns. A 21-year-old inventor and entrepreneur Kai Kloepfer, who's created a "smart" handgun that could save thousands of lives.
July 07, 2018

US-China tariffs: missing the boat

US ship raced against time to beat tariff implementation Beijing began levying retaliatory tariffs after Donald Trump’s administration on Friday imposed new tariffs on $34bn of annual imports from China trade
July 06, 2018

Pruitt resigns as head of the US Environmental Protection Agency

Scott Pruitt faced more than a dozen investigations by a variety of government watchdogs over his on-the-job spending, his ties to industries regulated by the EPA and a perceived lack of transparency

Rescuers seek ways to free trapped boys in Thai cave

Chiang Rai governor has mobilised rescuers to search for other possible access points to a cave where 12 boys and their coach are trapped

China bridges the gap to Hong Kong

Hong Kong's financial markets, Shenzhen's technology and Guangdong's manufacturing have the potential to turn the Greater Bay Area into an economic powerhouse.
July 05, 2018

Inside The French Antilles Most Colorful Celebration

A front row seat to the best party in the Caribbean on an island you've likely never heard of! Photographer Shelby Knick goes on assignment to the French Antilles island of Martinique to capture a cultural celebration with deep historical roots.

Saving the 'functionally extinct' northern white rhino

There are only two females left but an international team of scientists has an ambitious plan to resurrect the animal through assisted reproduction and stem cell research
July 04, 2018

Poland's judicial ‘purge’

Thousands of people took to the streets in cities across Poland in protests over a bitterly contested law that came into effect forcing a swath of Poland’s Supreme Court judges into early retirement

Fighting family separations at the US border

The FT's Ben Marino visits Tucson, Arizona, and meets a whistleblower and a lawyer who are fighting to end the separation of families caught crossing the US-Mexico border illegally.
July 03, 2018

How Michter’s Revived A Classic American Whiskey Brand

Joe Magliocco and Andrea Wilson take us inside Michter's Distillery in Kentucky to talk process, hiring the right people, and leaving a legacy.

Tech gadgets caught up in US-China trade dispute

Looming US import tariffs on some of the hottest gadgets among younger consumers, from vaporisers to electric scooters and 'smart home' devices, threaten to drive up prices

This Natural Gas Plant Has Achieved Zero Emissions

Just outside Houston, a company called NET Power has just brought a revolutionary new power plant online. The company says it can burn natural gas while capturing 100% of carbon emissions, with no increase in the cost of electricity. In this episode of "The Spark," we take you inside the world's first zero-emissions natural gas plant. We also look at an Icelandic company, CarbFix, that has developed a way of safely storing captured carbon by depositing it deep in volcanic rocks.

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