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Comment Policy

The Yumwish team is passionate about markets and recognizes the importance of conversation and community in the creation of market analysis. To that end we aim to create an inclusive community within our site and engage directly with our readership. We hope to moderate and remove as few comments as possible in order to build that vibrant community. Yet we reserve the right to eliminate comments and ban users if our commenting guidelines are violated.

Add value and keep conversations constructive at all times

Traders are a passionate group and disagreements are guaranteed as different viewpoints clash. At all times we must keep conversation civil--keep debates centered on markets and not on each other. This obviously includes outright attacks but also generally snide and unhelpful comments on someone else's contributions. Help make our analysts' and moderators' lives easier by keeping comments constructive at all times. And above all, look to add value to the conversation.

No self-promotion or solicitation

A discussion or comment that contains a link to your blog, a product, or your article on another site will almost certainly be removed. As with the comments themselves, we expect everyone to always look to add to the conversation and not distract with anything irrelevant to the content itself. This likewise extends to solicitation: comments which make trade recommendations or solicit any other type of investment will be removed.

No profanity and no lewd images

Using profanity demeans conversation and will not be tolerated. Suffice it to say this extends to any images which are uploaded; any inappropriate images will be removed and the user banned. Profanity used to put down another user will result in an immediate ban of the offending user.

Original content only

As analysts passionate about markets we are also protective of our original work and appreciate the effort that goes into creating original research. If you didn’t write it, or haven’t properly cited the article you’re quoting, don’t post it.

It's a conversation, not a monologue

Comments are meant to bring meaningful conversation. If one person completely dominates posting it becomes a monologue and goes against the principles of community. Any excessive posting may result in an outright ban.

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