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July 07, 2018

Best ECN Accounts / Brokers With Lowest Spreads / Commissions

Best ECN Accounts / Brokers With Lowest Spreads / Commissions
Best ECN Accounts / Brokers With Lowest Spreads / Commissions

Spread is a one of the most important factors which decides whether a forex traders is going to be a successful one or join to the majority of traders and fail. We are going to explain further what exactly is spread and why it is important in an other blog post. Well, all right, definitely spread is very important so what are the top forex brokers with the lowest spread?

First of all, We would like to put forward that when you pick a forex brokers for your trading, low spreads should not be the only or primary criteria. Instead it should be in the bowl of criteria in addition to regulation, leverage, available instruments, funding and withdrawal options.

It is hard to give a crystal clear answer to the question but We can say that forex brokers that offer ECN forex accounts are the right ones to try for those traders who are over sensitive about spreads. We have explained here what is ECN forex account or broker.

As an example, ForexTime (FXTM) and PepperStone ECN accounts have tighter spreads compared to standard forex accounts. Perhaps, it has not occurred to most of you but your account size could also play an important role for the spreads that you are seeing on your forex account in a way that it gives you a bigger bargaining power if you demand lower spreads.

Commission in Forex Trading

A very critical point to note about ECN accounts is the commissions. Forex brokers don't make quotes up themselves, they receive them from a liquidity provider with certain spreads and in order to be able to make money, they have to widen the spread.

On the other hand, on ECN accounts, you receive the raw spreads which means that broker passes the quotes directly from liquidity provider to you. Thus brokers charge commissions on ECN accounts to profit and in some cases those commissions could easily eat up your profit. So We recommend you to make sure that the commissions would be bearable for your trading strategy.

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